Hunt on Public LandsWe are a grass roots incorporation of individuals and organizations who rely upon public land, with its renewable resources, for its diverse uses. We invite you to join with us in our effort to preserve multiple use management on our public forest lands. Your membership and financial support add a voice to a growing number who support free and open access to public lands. Help LSRA keep public forests healthy, productive and available for public enjoyment.


MI Off-Road Vehicle Grant Applications Now Available

The 2013-14 applications are now available on the MI DNR website. Read More…

We believe that the multiple uses of public lands are vital Snowmobile on Public Landsto the economic well being and enjoyment of the Lake States residents; that dedication of public forest land to single restricted purposes denies multiple benefits to significant numbers of taxpayers who own these lands.Logging We promote scientifically based and professionally applied forest management practices as a means of providing resource benefits to people while protecting forest ecosystem health and sustainability.

LSRA Mission

With a commitment to education and sustainability, Lake States Resource Alliance ATVis dedicated to the multiple use of our public lands in the Great Lakes Region to maintain forest health, generate forest products, and provide recreational opportunities.